How it started?
The founders

Venerable Molini is a Burmese Buddhist nun in the Theravadan tradition, ordained in Burma in 1983. She holds a PhD from Magadh University in India in Buddhism focusing on the history of the Bhikkuni Sangha. (Bio)

Venerable Dhamma Vijaya is a Nepali Buddhist nun in the Theravadan tradition, ordained in Los Angeles in 1988. She holds a PhD in Buddhist Feminism from Magadh University in India. (Bio)

Both sisters live in Nepal and are members of the International Buddhist Nun Society of the USA, the Buddhist Light International Association and the Nepal Buddhist Dhammodaya Sabha. Speaking several languages, the sisters have taught meditation and Buddhist philosophy in the US and Southeast Asia. Every Sept. thru December, they also teach for the Antioch College's "Buddhist Studies in India" study-abroad program in Bodhgaya, India.

The sisters have since 2004 visited the United States on several opportunities to teach at various universities/colleges and participate in international forums. During these visits, friends in the US have helped organize several small-scale fundraising events were organized for the project to help raise funds. If you'd like to invite the sisters to the United States or any other countries, please email us at info (at)