Friends of Dhamma Moli - Without your support, this project would not be possible.

We are a small group of people in the United States trying to help sisters Dhamma Vijaya and Molini with their prevention project "Dhamma Moli" in Nepal.

You are most invited to join us and help young girls in Nepal receive an education and become productive adults through the Dhamma Moli project. The project in its infancy already has two girls that stay with sisters. There are several others that have shown interest to stay under the sisters' supervision.

Right now the sisters need funds to construct the monastery/school with proper water, sanitation and electrical systems. We are happy to announce that in the past three years, we have been slowly able to make progress in the construction of the new building. However, we are yet to meet our goal. Without the building, this project cannot come to fruition and we request your help.

Please consider helping the sisters in this dharma-based social change effort in one of the poorest countries in the world. Help save one girl from this terrible fate. Become a Friend of Dhamma Moli at whatever level you can. If you are affiliated with any higher education institution, you can invite the sisters to teach for a semester.

We will also be posting volunteer opportunities soon. Information on the project progress can be found in the "News & Updates" section. Please do come back from time to time and check this website to get the latest update.